Throwing an Equine-Themed Wine Party

Horse racing season is around the corner, so now couldn’t be a more fitting time to throw a party celebrating your favorite graceful, powerful creatures.

Of course, no equine-themed party would be complete without a little chatter and a whole lot of laughter over more than a few glasses of wine.

The question is, how exactly do you go about throwing an equestrian-themed wine party? Specifically, how can you make it one that your guests will long remember for all the right reasons?

Just as the equine industry has inspired fashion designers, event enthusiasts can take note too and craft an incredible event with these six tips.

Equestrian-Themed Wine Party

Carefully Choose & Creatively Display

The wine you serve is of utmost importance, but don’t be too intimidated by it. There are plenty of wine selection guides out there to help out and instructions on how to properly do a wine tasting.

Once you’ve chosen your bottles, next try to be innovative in how you showcase your wines; after all, besides horses, the spirits are the star of the show. You can put them together in a line-up or have bottles placed around the space.

Some prefer a rustic wine rack as a charming addition or while others opt for a sophisticated, luxurious touch with a mahogany wine display.

As an avid wine lover, you’re sure to use the rack in your home even after the party, so it may help to look for one that can be incorporated into your already chic home.

Find the Right Decor

Incorporate equine prints, racing posters and outstanding tabletop decor into your party space to build atmosphere. The right equine-inspired decor will make a statement by serving as an inviting and warm accent.

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Choose glasses and napkins covered with distinctive prints and elegant details that will catch your guests’ eyes and create the right look and feel for your party venue.

Pick the Right Look for Yourself, Too

When it comes to your fashion choice as the host of the party, try to pick a simple yet subtly stunning outfit. Go with a classy dress paired and an interesting jewelry piece to match — like this horseshoe necklace — or opt for stylish romper or a fun blouse with fitted pants.

An over-the-top outfit or floor-length gown isn’t necessary for such a gathering, but you do want to make an impression. And whatever you choose, it may be a good idea to go for colorful or printed pieces, so no one gets any red wine stains on their clothes!

Equine-Themed Wine Party

Add Music to the Mix

Music is a wine party must-have for setting the mood right away. However, rather than simply using your iPod to blast out tunes, try to incorporate a record player into the mix.

This offers a vintage appeal that will make your guests feel right at home from the moment they step into your venue.

Watch Your Lighting

Lighting is yet another essential tool for setting the right tone. So, try to dim your lights and use candles. Candles produce the type of warm, diffused, soft glow that is perfect for an intimate gathering.

They’ll also add an alluring and cozy vibe to your party space, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

Welcome Help

Especially if this is your first time throwing a wine party, don’t be bashful about asking for help.

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In fact, if you ask your visitors to bring snacks, desserts, wine bottles, or other essentials, they may feel even more a part of the celebration.

Party Hard!

An equestrian-themed wine party is an excellent opportunity to celebrate two of your favorite things in life: beautiful horses and the finest wines around.

Follow the above steps to throw an event that is worthy of even the most refined global equestrian event and that will remain the talk of the town for years.

Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and horse enthusiast. She works closely with Equine and Wines and covers developments in sustainable agriculture and equine care. In addition, she also enjoys writing about travel, events, and home trends.

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