Writing An Equestrian Resume

Do you need an equestrian resume?

Many positions in the equestrian world are fun and exciting, but require you to have hands-on experience and a lot of knowledge about horses.

So even though you are most likely not going to sit in front of a computer or in a big office all day, having a professional, informative resume is still necessary.

Here are some helpful tips on how to write a perfect equestrian resume:

Stay Professional

As mentioned, equestrian positions are often not-so-fancy but you still need to be confident and take pride in your background. Treat your resume seriously and potential employers will take you seriously.

Offer something rushed and vague and an employer won’t look twice at the person behind it, despite your level of experience with horses.

Use templates that reflect your style and clearly lay out all your experience, level of training and skills. Prepare well by having on hand any certificates or show records you might need to refer to.

Leave yourself plenty of time to finish and proofread your resume before handing it in.

Plan out your sections and decide what you want to highlight and bring to attention. Consider writing a statement summarizing your approach to instruction or horse care, a kind of executive summary of your skills and drives.

Show What Drives You

Creating a mission statement helps to make clear who you are and the values you hold dear. This is the chance you need to demonstrate not only your personal skills, but also how you intend to use them.

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It’s this section that will likely have the biggest impact and give the employer important information about who you are and what you’re hoping to accomplish. Take your time and don’t miss out anything.

Resume editor, Tom Lloyd from DoMyHomework.club, said: “Give plenty of time and attention towards creating a mission statement that speaks volumes about who you are and what you bring to the table that makes you unique and sets you apart from other candidates.”

If you are applying for one or more jobs be sure to read the job description for each application properly.

You’ll also need to look at the ethos and practice of each employer and tailor your wording to reflect each would-be employer.

This is especially important if you’re reaching out to a wide range of prospective jobs in the horse world. For example, a small lesson barn will be looking for a very different candidate than a large show barn, so be sure your resume reflects that.

Although this is a time-consuming process it is well worth it is it shows you are prepared to put the time into research, which makes you a serious candidate.

Stop Mistakes

Though they may just be little things, it’s spelling and grammar errors that show a lack of attention to details so check and re-check.

Even though you might not feel confident in your writing abilities, you shouldn’t let this hold you back. Ask friends and family members to proofread for you and if you do need a little extra support, use these tools below to help you:

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Turn On Your Creative Side

No one should lie on their resume, but there are times when you are going to have to present your information in a more creative way. This is particularly true in equestrians careers where certifications aren’t always available or required.

Your training may be ongoing or you may not have had much experience in a real setting, but show that you are flexible and able to find your way in any situation.

Getting that first job might be a while in the making but having just the right resume is always worth the investment of your time.

Create a resume that reveals exactly who you are, what experience and qualifications you bring and how you will translate those into an equestrian career.

If you feel you’re lacking in particular area, look for volunteer opportunities that can help you gain more experience.

Your next equestrian job is waiting for you around the corner, so get that laptop fired up and get your resume into shape.

Chloe Bennet is a book editor at Paper Fellows and Research Paper Writers websites. She helps with manuscript editing and proofreading. Also, she teaches book marketing strategies at OX Essays portal.

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