All About the Swedish Warmblood Horse: Breed Profile, History, Characteristics, & Facts

As one of the oldest warmblood breeds in the world, the magnificent Swedish Warmblood horse is tall in height and found in the three traditional English Olympic disciplines. The Swedish Warmblood horse breed has a sweet temperament. Their steady, flowing gait makes them a good choice of breed for inexperienced riders.


History and Origins

One of the oldest warmblood breeds of horses, the Swedish Warmblood was developed in the Sweden regions of Stromsholm and Flyinge. Widely exported to the USA and Europe, they are known for their smooth and comfortable pace. Their ancestry comes from the Arabian, Hanoverian, Thoroughbred, and Trakehner breeds. Archaeological evidence suggests that the existence of the Swedish Warmblood horse breed can be dated back to as early as 4000 BCE when Scandinavian settlers used them to help perform various tasks. In 1928, the Swedish Warmblood Association was formed to specifically make a breeding program to create these versatile and athletic horses.

Swedish Warmblood Horse Breed Statistics

Height and Weight

The average Swedish Warmblood horse grows to be 16 – 17 hands high from the withers and usually weighs 1,025 pounds. Sometimes, depending on the breeding, they can be smaller.

Color and Markings

The Swedish Warmblood horse can be found in just about any solid coat color besides roan, which does not naturally occur in this breed but can be added through breeding. Their coats also often have white patterns on them, from white spots to tobiano patterns. Sabino markings can often be found on their legs and faces.


The Swedish Warmblood horse is a smaller breed, with a neat head that sits on a long, graceful neck. They are also known for having a compact body with strong legs, set with muscled and sloped shoulders, a straight back, and finishing off with rounded quarters and short cannons. Their athletic build is what helps them succeed in their breeding purpose as sports horses.

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Unique Characteristics of the Swedish Warmblood Horse

The Swedish Warmblood horse is a breed known for its reliability, gentleness, steadiness, and friendliness. Their grace remains uncompromised by their small size due to their straight backs and long necks. Swedish Warmblood horses are particularly loved by their riders because of their smooth and steady gaits, their compact bodies permitting them to remain steady through many situations.


Swedish Warmblood Horse Temperament

The Swedish Warmblood Horse breed is known for its ability to remain unagitated and steady on its feet. These horses are reserved and calm, easy to train, and have a gentle and friendly temperament. These traits are not usually found within one breed, which is what helps make Swedish Warmblood horses so special.

Nutrition for the Swedish Warmblood Horse

Swedish Warmblood horses are easy to feed as they have straightforward, simple diets. This breed thrives on foraged food like grasses and hay. An important nutritional recommendation for the Swedish Warmblood horse is to regulate young horses’ growth and make sure that adult horses maintain their body and weight conditions, since it is easy for these compact horses to become overweight if not properly looks after. If an owner is planning on using their Swedish Warmblood horse for competition, then making sure your horse is consuming a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals is essential.

Common Health Issues for the Swedish Warmblood Horse

The Swedish Warmblood horse breed does not have any known breed-specific health concerns, as these horses are usually hardy and healthy. They are known for having a slow maturity level and will keep growing until they are five years old. Also, because Swedish Warmblood horses have an immense stride, riders should protect their horse’s legs by wrapping them, and their hooves with boots or bell boots.

Swedish Warmblood Horse Common Uses and Talents

The Swedish Warmblood horse is commonly used in various disciplines, but they particularly excel in dressage and jumping. Their clean, smooth gaits make them an ideal choice for equine events and presentations. Swedish Warmblood horses can also be used for just everyday riding thanks to their straightforward pacing.

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Facts About the Swedish Warmblood Horse

The Swedish Warmblood horse has specific breeding requirements, as well as celebratory feats. Six out of the thirteen participating Swedish Warmblood horses in the 1988 Seoul games won medals. Historically, the Swedish Warmblood breed was created to have excellent stamina and speed so they could serve as cavalry horses. Another interesting fact is that, in order to be registered, a Swedish Warmblood horse has to meet certain testing requirements to show that its stamina, athleticism, temperament, and conformation are up to par. Finally, in order for a Swedish Warmblood mare and stallion to reproduce registerable offspring, they must earn a breeding license.

Famous Swedish Warmblood Horses

There are a few Swedish Warmblood horses that held remarkable feats. Swedish Warmblood stallion Briar 899 was the world’s highest-ranked stallion for a straight seven years in dressage. Another stallion by the name of Drabant is famous for siring six sons who are famous for participating in the 1960 Roman Olympiad. One mare named Bianca was ranked by the end of 2018 as the second-best show jumper in the world, and she and her rider Steve Guerdat won multiple championships.

Is the Swedish Warmblood Horse Right for You?

If you are interested in a calm, easy, compact but tall in height horse for the disciplines of dressage, show jumping, and eventing, a Swedish Warmblood may be the next breed for you. A calm, easy temperament with flowing, easy gaits are a fan favorite of this breed. They also make excellent general riding horses.

How to Adopt or Buy a Swedish Warmblood Horse

Looking up a Swedish Warmblood for sale is easy. You can search on the Swedish Warmbloods of North America breed registry for available horses in North America. There are also those for sale through breeders and private sellers which you can find.

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Swedish Warmblood Horse FAQs

How much does a Swedish Warmblood Horse cost?

Depending on breed standards, prices vary per Swedish Warmblood horse. Mares have been known to sell for $12,000 USD and upwards, while stallions are usually more expensive and can be sold anywhere between $35,000-$40,000 USD. 

How big do Swedish Warmblood Horses get?

The Swedish Warmblood breed can grow to stand between 16 – 17 hands tall and weigh 1,025 pounds.

Where do Swedish Warmblood Horses come from?

Swedish Warmblood horses come from Sweden, in the Stromsholm and Flyinge region.

Are Swedish Warmblood Horses good for beginner riders?

Due to their easy, flowing, and steady gait, the Swedish Warmblood horse can make novice riders feel balanced. They are an excellent choice of horse breed for beginners to handle as they are calm and friendly, as well as compact enough to easily maneuver. 

How rare is a Swedish Warmblood Horse?

The Swedish Warmblood horse breed is not rare at all and can be easily found through breed registries as well as private breeders. There is also the possibility of directly importing from Sweden. 

What breeds helped create the Swedish Warmblood Horse?

The Swedish Warmblood horse’s bloodline includes those of the Thoroughbred, Arabian, Trakehner, and Hanoverian breeds.

How many stallions created the Swedish Warmblood breed?

The breed was created by three stallions in the 1920s, named Hamlet, Tribun, and Hamplemann. 


A calm, easy-tempered breed, the Swedish Warmblood is a popular breed in the English Olympic disciplines of dressage, show jumping, and eventing. These big, magnificent horses are easy to care for due to not having specific nutrition requirements, as well as little to no health issues specific to the Swedish Warmblood breed.

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