Spring Checklist for Equestrians

A guest post by Katy from The Phoenix Filly.

As winter fades into spring, the equestrian world comes alive! Are you and your horse ready for spring? There is a LOT to do! Spring brings a chance to get outside and enjoy some warmer weather and complete some items off your to-do list.

Here is a list of spring prep items for you to do around your barn, trailer, and your horse! These are great reminders for those who have competitions, want to ride more, or generally just want to get outside and enjoy this weather.

Spring Vaccinations

Spring shots are a MUST for any horse owner! Vaccines help your horse fight off disease and promote overall health. Also, if you show, many competition venues require specific vaccines. Make sure to reach out to your vet and the venue to see exactly what your horse needs.

Blanket Storage

It is FINALLY time to wash and store those blankets until next fall/winter! Washing the cold-weather blankets will help remove dirt and manure stains and make them last longer. Make sure your blankets are completely dry before storing them away.

While you are washing your blankets, it is also a good idea to throw all of your saddle pads in the wash too! They wash easily and you can hang them out to dry.

Trailer and Barn Cleanout

Spring is a great time to go through your items and either donate or sell those items you no longer need or use. Include tack trunks and tack and do a quick sweep through your trailer to make sure you have what you need for the warmer months and for shows.

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Trailer Inspection and Maintenance

Check your tires, get the bearings inspected and packed, and do any repairs necessary. Performing regular upkeep on your trailer can find potential problems before they become either dangerous and/or expensive problems. This way, you are ready to go for show season or vet trips, etc.

Curry Curry Curry

Warmer weather means shedding! A good curry session every day will help loosen and remove dirt and hair. Within a couple of weeks, your horse’s coat will be shorter, and you will begin to see the shine come through. There is no replacement for a good curry and brushing. This is one of the most beneficial things you can do to promote a healthy, shiny coat. 

Clean that Tack

Clean your tack! Not a quick wipe, but a good, deep cleaning. This is a great way to kick off springtime! Deep cleaning your tack now will free up more time later to ride and do horsey chores. It also helps your leather stay in good condition.

Prepare for Flies

Are you ready for fly season? Go through your inventory of fly-repellent items such as sheets, boots, masks, spray, fly strips and other repellents or fly management items. Check any fly sheets or masks for holes and see if they can be repaired or if you need to purchase new. Make sure you have fly spray stocked and ready!

Deworm Your Horse

In addition to having fly spray and repellent items, it is also the perfect time to deworm your horse. Deworming helps parasite prevention and control, so your horse remains healthy, ESPECIALLY if it is stabled or kept near other horses.

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Clean All Buckets and Waterers

With warmer temperatures, now is the perfect time to do a quick scrub on all troughs, waterers, and buckets. This can remove grime, hay, and dirt and take a quick inventory of any that need replaced.

Plan Your Calendar

Are you competing this year? What shows will you be doing? How often would you like to ride? Are there any specific goals you and your horse would like to accomplish? Planning out your training and competitions can really help you reach those goals faster. Horses are smart and can learn quickly. Plan out a few things you would like your horse to learn this year and post them where you can see them!

Hopefully this list is a good starting point for your launch into spring and warmer temperatures. Get out there and enjoy the temps, your horse, and all things equestrian!

Katy has been riding and competing for over 20 years. She has a BS degree in equine scienceand has two nosy horses she loves dearly. Katy is the creator of the equestrian blog The Phoenix Filly. When not riding horses, she can be found writing about horses and hopes to promote interest in horses, riding, and care of equines.

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