Best Subscription Gift Boxes For Equestrian Women

A staggering $13 billion is wasted on unwanted gifts each year. Giving a gift is an opportunity to show someone how much they mean to you, and if we all gave a little extra thought to giving personal and meaningful gifts, we could reduce that number dramatically.

There are plenty of gifts you could give to your horse-loving friend, from a professional photo of her horse to a themed party, but one gift that will bring joy all year round is a subscription box. 

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Equestrian Subscription Boxes

Subscription box companies have thought of everything, so there are plenty of horse-themed subscription boxes you can sign your friend up to.

The majority of equestrian boxes cost roughly $30 a month, and will deliver goodies for both your friend and her horse. Most contain a mixture of grooming products, treats for the horse, equipment and tools, but many also contain extra surprises for the human part of the team, and include horsey books, magazines and riding accessories.

The Stable Box and Saddle Box are amongst the most well-known, but there are plenty to choose from. The beauty of these boxes is that you’re giving a gift to the horse as well as to your friend.

Time To Relax

There’s nothing better than the feeling of coming home after a long day at the stables when you’re tired and satisfied from spending a day with the horses. Spending time with horses keeps us healthy and calm, but once you’re home, a bit of me time is definitely in order.

Signing your friend up to a box that will give her the tools she needs to relax and pamper herself after a long day is a great idea for a gift. The horse life can mean we don’t always feel as glamorous as we’d like, so a beauty box is a way you can make your friend feel special and beautiful.

Consider what sorts of products would make her happy, and look for boxes that focus in on those products, be they skincare, makeup or perfume.

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Health And Fitness

If your friend has a horse, the chances are she’s interested in keeping fit and healthy. If she already has everything she needs horse-wise and beauty boxes aren’t the right fit, consider signing her up to a health and fitness box.

These can contain sportswear, supplements, healthy snacks and training equipment, and are often themed with particular interests in mind.

If your friend enjoys yoga, consider getting her a yoga box, or for a general interest in healthy living, consider a wellness box.

Whatever you choose can complement her lifestyle and help her to meet her health and fitness goals.

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One of the main reasons we give unwanted gifts is that we don’t have the time to think them through properly. Spending a little time choosing the perfect subscription box is a great solution to the problem because your chosen company knows what items will interest the subscriber.

Whether you choose a box for your friend and her horse or for your friend to enjoy alone, a subscription box is a wonderful option for showing her how much you care.

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