5 DIY Farm Hacks

Back in February we published an article on 10 DIY Barn Hacks to give you some fun projects to try on your home. Well, if you liked them then you’re in luck; because here are five more!

For those of us that make their living on a farm, we should look to cut expenses where we can and what better way to do that than with a bit of DIY? Here are some more clever hacks for you to try when you fancy a spot of Do-It-Yourself.

Tire Trough

If you’re tired (excuse the pun!) of the store-bought troughs for your animals which seem to constantly need replacing, then why not make use of something lying around your yard gathering dust?

If you use heavy-duty machinery then you could make good use of their oversized tires. Simply line the bottom of the tire with a waterproof groundsheet and then fill it with water. Your livestock will have a tough time wearing down the hard rubber that these tires are made from.

Fence Table

If you’re a fan of cooking outside but don’t want a table taking up space next to your BBQ, why not fashion a foldaway table onto your fence?

All you need to do is attach some fresh wood to your already existing fence using some hinges and props and you’ve got yourself a useful folding table. Make sure to give it a fresh lick of fence paint so it doesn’t stand out!

Leak Detector

If underground piping around your farm springs a leak, you’ll probably notice a difference in your water pressure levels. One thing you won’t be able to notice, however, is where the leak itself is coming from.

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Digging along the whole of the pipeline would be a massive waste of your time and buying a commercial leak detector can cost you a small fortune – so why fritter away your time and money when you can build one yourself?

Using a stethoscope, a Styrofoam cup and a 5ft pipe you can fashion yourself a handy listening device that will be sensitive enough to hear anything you need underground.

Tape the cup to the top of the pipe and attach the stethoscope to top of the cup and then you’ve got yourself a handmade listening device.

It mightn’t be the most glamorous DIY you’ll have ever done, but it’ll certainly be some of the most effective.

Greenhouse Silo

If you have a fuel tank or a grain silo that you don’t use anymore, did you know that you could turn it into a makeshift greenhouse?

Cut it in half, use it as a crude roof and spread crushed tocks on the floor to produce yourself an effective heat-sink.

This one is more of a project for those who want something to sink their teeth into, but you will definitely save more money than you would paying out for a store-bought greenhouse.

Hammock Hack

This one is just a bit of fun for those of you who love the idea of kicking back mid-air. Find yourself some strong rope and a wooden pallet big enough to fit you on, whether it be lying around somewhere on your property or from your local supermarket.

Secure rope to each corner of the pallet and hang it from a STURDY tree branch – don’t even think about it if there seems to be some give because you’re just setting yourself up for an accident. This can double as a swing, too!

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