Equi-Clean Horse Grooming Wipes – Product Review

Review by Christa from piaffestyle.com

Disclaimer: Christa received the Equi-Clean Grooming Wipes in exchange of an honest, unbiased review.

I admit: I’ve never used grooming wipes on my horse.

Whenever my horse needs extra shine or his tack cleaned, I go old-school and use a towel.

When I received the Equi-Clean disposable grooming wipes, though, my mind was very intrigued.

Could this be the solution to so many of my grooming/cleaning issues?

Equi-Clean Horse Grooming Wipes - Product Review - Savvy Horsewoman

The Equi-Clean disposable wipes arrived quickly.

They come in a pack of 25 large wipes (23.5″ x 16″).

Before I even opened the bag, I noticed a faint smell of herbs.

The hand-towel sized wipes are made with aloe vera, chamomile, comfrey, lavender and thyme – a very pleasing smell.

Equi-Clean Horse Grooming Wipes - Product Review - Savvy Horsewoman

When I opened the bag, I noticed that it was very well sealed with a resealable tab – though it may seem like a small thing, I thought it was great, because this way the wipes won’t dry out.

So I headed to the barn to meet my mug-bug of a horse.

Honestly, I was extremely curious to see how the Equi-Clean horse grooming wipes would work on my horse, who seems to have nested into the muddiest corner of the paddock.

Horse Grooming Wipes: The Moment of Truth

Walking my horse in the barn, I noticed that his legs were… so… muddy.

Normally, I go ahead and wash his feet before grooming him and tacking up for riding. This time, though, I had my wipes ready.

Equi-Clean Horse Grooming Wipes - Product Review - Savvy Horsewoman

I brushed off the excess mud from his hooves and pulled out a wipe. I started wiping his legs from the knee down and all the way down to his hooves.

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The wipe is large enough to wipe all four legs with, and it actually got his legs all clean and ready for boots!

I was pleasantly surprised: this will eliminate the need to wash his legs every day before riding.

After brushing him, I also gave him a full-body wipe from head to tail.

The instructions say that the wipes will provide shine for the coat – this may be true, however, my horse is clipped, so I didn’t see much of a difference there. That’s okay though.

I went on with my ride and returned in the barn. My horse was a bit sweaty after our ride, and it was cold outside, so bathing him was not an option. I went ahead and put him under heat lamps to dry, while I used a wipe to wipe away sweat.

After Sammy was groomed, I turned to my tack. It was dirty.

I took full advantage out of the wipes and cleaned my bridle, saddle, boots and my riding boots with the grooming wipe.

The wipes cleaned out all the dirt without leaving the leather foamy, too wet or streaky.

The wipes are actually wet, so I had to dry the tack with a towel afterwards, but it did get all the dirt out.

The pack of 25 wipes costs $19.95 with a $10 flat rate shipping. If you order over $100 worth, shipping is free. So. Totally. Worth it.

Check out all the details on the Equi-Clean website.

My Verdict: I will never live without these wipes again!

I didn’t think I could possibly love the horse grooming wipes this much.

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Such a simple thing, SO many benefits!

I was able to clean my horses legs and face, my saddle and bridle, bit, boots and my riding boots.

The Equi-Clean disposable grooming wipes definitely save time and make your life easier. No need to wash my horses legs, or pull out a leather soap and water every time I want to clean off the tack.

Though you should definitely use leather soap (and oil) every now and then to keep your leather products soft and nice, the grooming wipes are a great option for everyday maintenance.

PS. I also have a dog, so I tried the wipes on her to clean her paws after a walk. It was great, but a bit too big – I decided to cut the wipes in half for my dog, so I won’t use them up too quickly.

Also, here’s a list of 11 THINGS you can do with the wipes:

  1. Shine before show time
  2. Remove dirt and sweat from your horse’s coat
  3. Wipe away sweat when you can’t bathe
  4. Face wipe to clean your horse’s face gently
  5. Cooling towel – put it in the fridge and use as a cooling towel on your horse or yourself
  6. Utter and sheath cleaner
  7. Tack cleaner
  8. Pet paw and coat cleaner for dogs
  9. Bit cleaner
  10. Freshen yourself up on a hot day
  11. Boot shiner

Christa is a professional horse groom, dressage rider and a trainer. She has trained young horses and riders throughout Europe and USA in dressage and showjumping. Christa and her students have won multiple championships and titles. You can read more from her blog, www.piaffestyle.com.

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Equi-Clean Horse Grooming Wipes - Product Review - Savvy Horsewoman

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