Fall Equestrian Boots 101

As the weather starts to change, equestrians are often faced
with less than ideal footing conditions. Muddy paddocks, slippery barn
isles, puddles at the gates are all part of the daily routine. While you could
just slip on your old pair of rubber boots, it may be time for a change. If you’re going to get dirty, you might as well look good doing it! Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right fall equestrian boot:

Dublin River Boots

Comfort & Style

With a waterproof and breathable membrane, the Dublin River Boots are a sure bet for wet weather. The redskin leather also looks great paired with jeans for a cute fall outfit. Perfect for an easy barn to street wear switch.

Muck & Mud

Got serious mud? Noble Outfitters Ladies MUDS are the boot for you! The anti-slip outsole will keep you on your feet, and thanks to mix of rubber and neoprene, you’ll be dry too. Specially made for a woman’s foot, these are less heavy and bulky than a traditional rubber boot.

Basic Black
To get the clean look of a slim, black boot you can’t go wrong with a pair of Hunter Boots. Dressed up or down these can be paired with breeches, legging or jeans for easy equestrian style. Practical and understated these are a personal favorite.

Pop of Color

If you’re looking to get away from the traditional black or brown, Joules Wellies come in bright patterns to suit almost any taste. And they’re more than just pretty. With a hard sole and deep treads, these boots are meant for walking!

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All Dressed Up
The selection of tall, black dress boots is practically endless, but these Buckled Equestrian Boots by Giorgio Armani are a cut above the rest. Added bits, buckles and other embellishments are a perfect way to show off your own personal equestrian style.

Happy Shopping!

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