Hunter Braids: How to Make Yours Brilliant

Guest post by Mary Beth from Braid Secrets.

After a busy week riding her horse and getting ready for an upcoming horse show, equestrian Laura Davis spent sometime preparing her horse’s mane for braiding.  

She had noticed that more and more of her fellow riders had been creating impressive turnout and she didn’t want to fall behind her competition.

She knew that her somewhat sloppy hunter braids were limiting her horse’s turnout and not making the best first impression on the judges.

Laura wished she had the skill to create the perfect hunter braids she had seen at the shows. Because she knew that creating those brilliant braids would take her turnout to a whole new level.

Laura called me when she got back from the barn because she wanted the best advice on how to quickly improve her hunter braids.  

Here are the five things I recommended to her – I thought you might like the list as well.

  1. Get an Expert Evaluation of Your Mane Braids

Find out what’s limiting your braid quality so you can create your best braids ever.

You might be surprised just how much information you can learn from an expert evaluation of your finished braids and how much it’ll help you improve them.  

A photo critique of your braids can provide this valuable feedback.

2. Acquire the Knowledge You Need

Your braids tell the story of what you know and what you have yet to learn about mane braiding.  

An expert braid evaluation will identify what knowledge is missing.  Then shift your focus to acquiring that knowledge.

Most riders are actually closer than they realize to creating brilliant braids. 

It’s been my experience that just a couple of key tips can result in a significant improvement of your braids.

Hunter Braids: How to Make Yours Brilliant - Horse Braiding Tips

3. Learn How to Evaluate & Prepare Your Horse’s Mane

 What type of mane are you braiding? Is the mane thin, thick, or average? You need to know because it will affect how you prepare it for braiding.

Skilled braiders prepare each mane based on the mane type so they can create flawless braids fast without frustration.  

Snag this mane prep knowledge and you’ll set yourself up for braiding success and ease by completing this one step on your horse.  

In this photo,  I’ve prepared half of my horse’s mane for braiding to show you the dramatic difference.  

Not only will the unprepared portion of the mane take longer to braid, the resulting braids won’t be as eye appealing.  

While the prepared portion of the mane is set up for fast and easy braiding and the best results. 

 4. Focus on the Key Things That Impact Your Results

The real key to creating flawless hunter braids is to train yourself to focus on the few things that really impact your results.

Even braid spacing, identical braid size, a neat appearance, and an even bottom line to your hunter braids are the characteristics that make the braids stand out in the show ring.

Learn to develop these characteristics in your own braids. To do this you have to know what to focus on during each braiding step.

This will allow you to plan out and achieve perfect braiding results every time.

5. Steal My Easy Practice Strategy

Here’s the good news about improving or learning mane braiding.  You don’t have to eat the whole elephant at once by practicing braiding the entire mane!

Learn the best braiding techniques and tricks of the trade. Then put five braids in your horse’s mane once or twice a week to practice your new braiding skills.

Use this simple strategy and you’ll see results.  Plus, you’ll braid with confidence and a clear plan for creating amazing braids at your next horse show.  

Hunter Braids: How to Make Yours Brilliant - Horse Braiding Tips

Take Action to Improve Your Hunter Braids

If you’re struggling with any of the following:

  • Mane pulling battles with your horse
  • Mane evaluation to determine mane type
  • Mane preparation or how to prepare different mane types
  • Braiding a thin mane
  • Braiding a super thick mane
  • Uneven hair sectioning
  • Uniformity – getting your braids to all look the same
  • How far to braid down the mane
  • How to tie off your braids so they tuck up easily into the crest
  • How to tie down or finish your hunter braids perfectly
  • Getting the “bump” on your hunter braids just right
  • Messy braids
  • How to achieve sturdy braids that lay straight all day
  • Braids that twist
  • A horse that destroys their braids
  • Mediocre or “craptastic” braiding results
  • Or your braiding speed is slower than a sloth…

I’ve got you covered. 

My mediocre braids were transformed into magnificent braids when a top professional braider shared her braid secrets with me.  

Since then I’ve braided thousands of horses.  Now, I’m passionate about teaching you how to transform your hunter braids from mediocre to magnificent.  

Because you’re closer than you realized to creating flawless braids on your horse. And gaining high quality knowledge is what makes perfect braiding results possible.   

To get started:

Click here to sign up for my braiding tips newsletter and get a FREE Gift – INSTANT ACCESS to my Library of Mane Braiding Videos, Tips andResources for riders.

Hunter Braids: How to Make Yours Brilliant - Horse Braiding Tips

This is your chance to develop your braiding knowledge, capability, and speed.  

Here’s what fellow riders are saying after acquiring braid secrets knowledge:

“Tried your painless pulling technique today and it made my jaw drop. The hair really does just easily pull right out! My horse must have gotten quite an endorphin rush because she also nearly fell asleep and looked so relaxed. That is NOT how pulling has ever been in my experience…All I can say is Wow!” – Charnae Stross

 “Mary Beth Rohaly, (my braids are) so much better with this tie off and not tightening so much!” … I never really ‘got it’ until now even though I’ve braided tons!” – Samantha Kinslow

This is by far the best braiding video I have seen, thank you.” – Dee Z.

“I just want to thank you for putting up tutorials and tips, it is by far the best braid and mane care tutorials/videos I’ve found on the whole internet.” – Charnae Stross

Hunter Braids: How to Make Yours Brilliant - Horse Braiding Tips

Get the Winning Braids You Deserve

Are you ready to stop struggling to braid your horse? Or settling for mediocre braids?  

I teach passionate riders like you how to create their best braids ever.  Because you only have seven seconds to create a winning first impression on the judges.  

With all the effort you put into riding and training your horse, you deserve that.

Mary Beth Rohaly teaches riders how to transform their mane braids from mediocre to magnificent for successful hunt seat and dressage shows. Or to earn income $$$ braiding other horses. She is the creator of the Braiding to WinVIP Experience where she provides expert braid evaluations, personalized advice, and teaches riders her complete step-by-step braiding system in bite-sized videos. This experience allows riders to dramatically and quickly improve their braids. Ms. Rohaly has designed a Brilliant Mane Braiding Organizer & Bag that’s an all-in-one solution for organizing your braiding tools and supplies. You can find her website at For more braiding tips connect with Mary Beth on Facebook  and Pinterest

Hunter Braids: How to Make Yours Brilliant - Horse Braiding Tips

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