Horse Trails in the UK – An Escape to Adventure

Horseback riding is a fun way of relieving stress and escaping the day to day worries of everyday life.

It has appealed to animal lovers and adventurers who want to experience being in tune with nature.

Horse trails have been around since the prehistoric age as a means to connect one location from another. It is often used nowadays to preserve the way of life as it once was.

Horse Trails in the UK - An Escape to Adventure - United Kingdom Horse Holidays

In view of this, I would like to elaborate on several locations in the United Kingdom which offer the best Horse Trails in the region. These locations are:

Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire

Going out on a leisurely canter around the Estate, The Centre offers a first-class horse riding in Hampshire for all riders, novice or experienced.

With vast outdoor arenas and at least 500 acres of scenic Hampshire parklands to explore, prepare to have the time of your life!

Featuring world class facilities to cater to every whim, the hotel is surely recognized as one of the premier Horseback riding destinations in the world.

Sculptures, artwork, and exquisite lounges that offer relaxation, not to mention the countryside scenery, only help to strengthen their reputation.

Liberty Trails, Dartmoor

If you are an experienced rider who would like to try something more rugged and invigorating, then Liberty trail is the Trail for you.

It offers the exclusive opportunity of trying out Western Riding and American Quarter Horses without having to actually go to the United States.

The rugged landscape of Dartmoor is the perfect location to test your cowboy skills because of secluded valleys that remain untouched by civilization until today.

This privilege is a rarity in today’s technological age. Lucky customers even get the chance to herd and rope cattle.

T.M. International School of Horsemanship, Cornwall

A haven for hopeless romantics and an inspiration for writers because of its wild and untouched beauty and experiencing horseback riding in Bodmin Moor is one adventure you may never forget.

The trail takes you past prehistoric burial sites and magnificent stone circles made from the stone age, going through abandoned mines and prehistoric villages.

Furthermore, the horse stables are minutes away from where smugglers used to drink and have fun. Jamaica Inn, although now a hospitable pub, is perfect for spending a post-ride lunch or snack.

The trails are generally not suitable for inexperienced riders or beginners, but TM International offers lessons to help you adjust to the saddle.

Tynings Trekking Centre, near Bristol

The location is usually described as the “Area of Outstanding National Beauty” (AONB). Featuring breathtaking surroundings that would surely mesmerize all customers, it also offers safety by implementing a” NO ROAD POLICY”.

Customers are treated to a nice change of scenery since horseback is the only way of going from one location to another. Through this manner, it is possible to access thousands of acres of Moorish land, with astounding views that span seven counties.

Beginners can relax and enjoy nature or watch their featured attraction, an astounding view of lots of ponies that have been specifically brought over to graze.

The more experienced riders can move at a faster pace with lots of available trails from which to choose from.

Cheshire Rail Trail

Cheshire Rail trail is basically two trails rolled into one major route, the first one running north from Keene to Walpole, and the second trail forges south from Keene to Fitzwilliam. The trail is comprised of 32.9 miles.

The trail is suitable for people who want to go biking, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, and Cross-Country Skiing.

Those who want to experience this trail will be rewarded with abundant scenery, including outstanding landscapes and natural rock wall formations.

Challenges include large rocks, erosion, flooding, and several steep inclines. A perfect place for any adventurer.

Kilnsey Trekking Centre, Yorkshire Dales

Composed mostly of rolling hills and green valleys, the trail ranges far across old mines near Grassington.

The treks are usually kept at a walking pace and is therefore suitable for beginners.

They offer the once in a lifetime chance to explore moorland and country lanes from the saddle.

The experienced riders get to cover more ground at a faster pace. The adventurous explorers get to experience a two-day trail ride with a night in a prearranged location.

Killiechronan Pony Trekking, Isle of Mull

Located in the heart of Mull, customers are beneficiary to the breathtaking scenery the island has in store.

Riding into the hills to take in spectacular mountain views is one of the main attractions and heading down to the beach for a brisk canter at the seashore. One experience you would truly find hard to forget!

The Isle of Mull is also home to the white-tailed sea eagles which were on verge of extinction.

There are some rides that will require previous riding experience, while others can be right for beginners, but one thing is certain, these locations are an embodiment to the beauty of the surrounding countryside if we just take the time to look.

Horse Trails in the UK - An Escape to Adventure - United Kingdom Horse Holidays

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