Fastest Horse Breeds – Top 5

What are the fastest horse breeds in the world? There are over 300 breeds that are bred and trained for different purposes across various fields ranging from sports, agriculture, entertainment, warfare, and therapy.

However, despite the vast variety of horses, a selected few are faster at both at short or long distances. Let’s take a look at the top five fastest horse breeds in the world, and the sports they excel at:

World's Fastest Horse Breed - Top 5Thoroughbreds

This breed is known for their high level of competitiveness due to their hot-blooded nature which makes them perfect for racing or speed events.

With proper care and training they are quick, agile, powerful, due to their slim and tall body structure, and are often regarded as one of the most popular breeds in the world.

They’re used in almost all speed events ranging from barrel racing to 3-day eventing.

World's Fastest Horse Breed - Top 5
Quarter Horse

This breed is known for their sprinting speed, versatility and adaptability.

The Quarter Horse is believed to have covered over 55 miles per hour within quarter-mile distances and is used in all western events.

Its ability to learn and adapt to different temperaments from individuals makes it unique and are often used for ranch work, as well as lower level show jumping and eventing.

World's Fastest Horse Breed - Top 5Arabian

They are not the fastest horses but their endurance level makes them stand-out and last longer in races compared to other breeds.

Their ability to conserve their energy while running make them one of the best breeds for endurance competitions. They are often hailed for their intelligence as they have the ability to outsmart their riders/owners.

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World's Fastest Horse Breed - Top 5Standardbred

With a similar build to a Thoroughbred, their speed comes from its strong shoulders and hindquarters.

They are often referred to as a man’s best friend due to their friendly nature, and often go on to make excellent partners for amateur riders after their harness racing career.

They can excel in lower level show jumping, eventing, barrel racing and are good all-round competitors.

World's Fastest Horse Breed - Top 5Appaloosa

Originally used for hunting, due to their speed, strength, endurance and durability, they are now popular across many disciplines.

Its colorful coat makes it unique compared to other breeds and they are known for their intelligence and quick learning skills.

Because of their small, compact size, they make great mounts for children.

Here’s a quick review of the top 5 fastest horse breeds:

  • Thoroughbred
  • Quarter Horse
  • Arabian
  • Standardbred
  • Appaloosa

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Do you own or ride one of these fastest horse breeds?

World's Fastest Horse Breed - Top 5


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