How to Make Your Boots Last Longer Than Ever

How to Make Your Horseback Riding Boots Last Longer, Savvy Horsewoman

You get a fantastic pair of boots and you want them to last forever – you’ve spent a lot of time getting them to fit just how you want, look just the right amount of worn, and stay comfortable no matter what you are doing.

This is a difficult task, so it seems a shame that when you get them to that point, it is already time to throw them away (or donate them) and buy yourself a new pair.

But you don’t have to do that. Instead, you can make you boots last longer!

It might take some getting used to, especially if you are the type of person that just takes your shoes off and throws them in a closet. However, it will allow you to get years more wear out of your favorite pair.

1. Keep Them Clean

The most important step to keeping your boots for a long time is to keep them clean.

Put them in a dust bag, a box, or some other method to keep them free from dust when they aren’t on your feet. There are plenty of options for clear shoe boxes or labelled boxes so that you can find them easily.

It is even more important to clean your shoes after they’ve gotten dirty. Make sure to clear off mud, dirt, debris, paint, or whatever else you might get onto your shoes.

Allow the mud to dry and then use a sturdy brush to wipe away anything.

Water is one of the biggest foes of those who want to keep their shoes clean. If you get rain, snow, slush, or (even worse) road salt on your boots, it is extremely difficult to clean them.

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It is best to keep your leather boots at home and go with something that is more appropriate for the weather.

2. Oil Them Up

Every so often, especially after they get extremely dirty, you want to oil your boots.

To do this, brush away the dirt first. Then, pull out the laces and brush them again. You want to put your hand inside the boot and hold firmly so that you can get a good brushing.

Then, use a good amount of high-quality oil to rub down the boots. First, focus on the area between the upper and the sole, ensuring to get the seams. This is the most likely area to fail in your boots, rubbing excess oil here can help.

Don’t forget to rub oil on everything, including the tongues of your boots.

3. Keep Them Dry

Keeping your boots dry as much as possible is a great way to keep them looking and feeling great for a long time.

A boot dryer is a great investment because you can use them with all kinds of boots. This keeps your boots elevated so that they get a thorough drying after cleaning or a day near water.

It even makes storage easier because you can see the boots, so you just need to grab them.

There are plenty of options online for boot dryers, including models that you can make by yourself.

4. Have More Than One Pair

Another simple option is to not wear your favorite leather boots every day.

Instead, have a few different pairs that you move between so that you can give them a rest for a few days. This is especially true if you have just oiled the boots or if they got wet.

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Once again, remember to store them properly if you go a few days without wearing your boots.

5. Keep a Repairman or Cobbler on Call

It is always a good idea to have a good relationship with a repair guy.  While they aren’t always as common today, they are still around.

Since the soles and heels of your boots are likely to go before the rest of the boot does, you can get years more wear if you have someone who can repair them. Look on the internet to find somewhere near you with good reviews

The best cobblers or shoe repairmen will even change the shoes so that they are more comfortable when you walk.

You are more likely to find these types of repairmen if you live in a bigger city or near a military base, but you can also send your boots away.

Most importantly, getting a pair of boots that will withstand considerable use is important. Investing in a good pair of boots is the best way to start your lifetime relationship.

Jennifer Monahan is a freelance writer and a  mom of 2 fantastic kids out of Jackson Hole Wyoming. When she’s not working around the house, riding her horse or cleaning up after her husband, she likes to keep up and write about the newest fashion trends. You can follow her on twitter @Jenmonahan76.

How to Make Your Horseback Riding Boots Last Longer, Savvy Horsewoman




  1. Tracy - Fly On Over
    August 2, 2017 / 2:24 pm

    Interesting — I've always been told to NOT oil tall boots.

  2. YorkshireWonders
    March 12, 2018 / 8:53 pm

    Really useful article. I shall tell my husband I need more than one pair!

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