New Horse Sculpture is Unveiled

Up-and-coming sculptor Charles Elliott and his wife professional showjumper Abbe Elliott nee Burchmore has worked together to create an incredible full size horse sculpture.

Charles Elliott and his team work from their studio in Buckinghamshire producing a wide range of handmade British luxury Sculptures, furniture and ironwork, using traditional blacksmithing and modern metal manipulating techniques.

With help and guidance on the designs, Charles and his wife Abbe have designed and created a full size horse sculpture from 8mm Mild steel. Their new Equestrian Sculpture range inspired by his wives love of horses, has its first edition available to buy. Each Sculpture in the range will be completely unique and built by hand in Buckinghamshire.

 Abbe alongside traveling the world jumping her string of horses professionally, she has a lot of input into Charles’s design and building process of the equestrian pieces specifically.

Charles says “I would speak to Abbe 2-3 times a day whilst working on my sculptures, to ask her about details of muscle layouts and conformation, whilst looking through piles of close ups of horses in motion. She is very critical of our work and a perfectionist when it comes to the horses, metal or real life!”

Charles has spent months working on the piece and they were both very pleased at the response of its unveiling on their website and on facebook.  Abbe, who is currently jumping in Spain, always finds time to call Charles at the Buckinghamshire studio to find out on progress with the sculptures and is always promoting them to fellow showjumper at the shows.

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Charles adds “Abbe’s support with the sculptures is muchly appreciated and we are already bickering over which equestrian discipline to create next.”

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