HorseLifestyle.TV – Review

If you’re like me, you eat, sleep and breathe horses, even if you can’t be at the barn. That’s why there’s piles of equestrian magazines, prize lists, and random pieces of tack scattered throughout my house (not to mention my car!). And lately I’m away from the barn more often than not, so when I heard about HorseLifestyle.TV, I was thrilled! No more searching for horse related videos, it’s all in one easy to use spot.

is an online streaming service with unlimited access to films, series, books and
magazines all about horses. “Our goal is to gather the best the horse world has to offer
for people to get inspired, and learn from in an entertaining way”, says
Vanessa Somers, co-founder and CEO of Horse Lifestyle®. “We want to introduce
our audience to a wide range of insights, techniques and philosophies, to help
people become the best they can be, for both them and their horse”.

The online library includes series of
renowned horse trainers from all over the world, such as Clinton Anderson,
Alycia Burton, George Morris, Pat Parelli, Monty Roberts and, Anna Twinney. It also provides a ‘behind the scenes’ in how the best of the
international equestrian sport, like Jeroen Dubbeldam, Charlotte Dujardin and
Carl Hester prepare for their equestrian events.

I was immediately drawn to the George Morris Masterclass series, since it’s always been a dream of mine to audit one of his clinics in person (to be honest the dream is to ride in one, but lets be realistic!). 

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People around the globe will
be able to subscribe to HorseLifestyle.TV for 12.95 USD/EUR per month, and
instantly watch a broad selection of horse content on their laptop, PC, tablet
or smartphone connected to the internet.

If you’re looking to get your horse fix, anytime and anywhere, then I highly recommend HorseLifestyle.TV!

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