8 Adult Horse Gifts Under $20

We’re nearing Christmas and there on that gift list of yours resides several horse afflicted/addicted adults.

What are some of the things that they could cherish long term? What might they use in their day-to-day lives?

[This post has been updated as of Sept 2018]

This list will help you to think of adult horse gifts that they can appreciate and use for years to come.

Cell Phone Case

Almost everyone owns a cell phone, and those who are involved in horses want to protect them from dangers around the barn.

Smart Phones are not a small investment, and protecting these devices can save someone large replacement bills.

All horsewomen are going to have a love for any horse themed case for their cell phone. A great source of various horse themed cases under $20 is the Savvy Horsewoman Shop on Etsy.

Cell Phone Carrier

We are currently on a cell phone thread here with thoughts of pretty and protected. Adding to that theme I would also urge friends of horse riders to think of their safety.

When riding out alone there is only one way for downed riders to contact emergency crews. That cell phone can mean the difference between life and death for both horse and rider.

Many times riders make the mistake of putting the cell phone into a tack sack or saddle bag. When they get dumped off and injured on the trail, the cell phone goes galloping off with the horse leaving the rider stranded with no communications.

Thinking of your loved ones consider getting the riders in your life a cell phone carrier that straps directly on their bodies like the one here. It comes in several different colors including neon eye catching colors. The strap on this case is big enough to strap to an arm or an ankle.

Head and Ear Warmer

While thinking winter time riding for your horse person you can think in the direction of under helmet and ear insulation.

Helmets tend to stay as cold as the air around them except for the padding against the rider’s head.

There are some decent ear warmers out there but entire head and ears warmed sounds better in the winter. Using just ear muffs leaves the top of the head cold.

There is a great cross over product available from Cat-Ears. Originally designed for bicycling, this head and ear warmer also reduces wind and wind noise.

Horse riders can always appreciate warmth while out riding in cold weather.

Horse Themed Stationary

Beautiful stationary can make a long lasting, and often used gift for any horse lover.

Personalized options are available like this one or you can include a more practical set with handy fridge magnets.

Notebooks are a great choice for riders that enjoy keeping a riding journal, or just like to take notes throughout the day.

Horse Themed Tote Bag

A lightweight tote bag is perfect for carrying loose odds and ends to the barn, or on a shopping spree to the tack shop.

Check out the Savvy Horsewoman Shop on Etsy for lots of great tote bag options, like this one!

Horse Themed Jewelry

Horsewoman are generally not big on delicate jewelry trinkets. Barn life is hard on the finer things in life.

We drown watches, horse’s lips like to wander to ear rings and fingers can get jammed up in a fall making cutting off rings a necessary evil.

If you do choose to purchase jewelry, anything sturdy and practical is appreciated! Leather is always a great choice.

Horse Themed Home Decor

Horse people love horse minded sayings and house hold goods.

Many of my favorite gifts hang on my walls, sit on my couch, occupy space in my cabinets or sit near my feet. This could be something as simple as a poster or as complex as an embroidered horse thought.

We are constantly reminded of our loved ones through permanent things. One of my favorite gifts from an old friend is a horse shoe towel hanger that lives over my toilet of all places.

Consider a horse quote poster for the wall or a cute horse themed mug.

Horse Themed Ornaments

Horse people are generally very giving and feel very blessed at Christmas time. One of my most cherished gifts of all times came from a friend of mine that passed in 2005.

In 2001 she sent me a Christmas Care package that contained a very special gift. Her special gift that year and in subsequent years until she passed was a Breyer Horse ornament for my Christmas tree.

Each year Breyer Horses comes out with a couple of different ornaments like the these.

Year after year can be a tradition with this gift to a horse person. I only have 3 from my departed best friend. Every year they are hung with much care on my tree. Looking at them and placing them with love on my tree allows me to remember those long lost times with my dear friend.

Be that person who is mindful of not only your budget but who also has understanding of the horse person in your life.

There are many things that are useful to horse friends for under $20. What will YOUR cherished gift be to your horse friend?

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