Choosing the Right Quarter Sheet

With fall on its way, now is the perfect time to choose a Quarter Sheet (also called an “exercise rug”) for your equine partner.

If you live in a cool climate, or your horse is clipped, a quarter sheet can prevent chilling during work or while walking to and from the arena. They’re also handy for senior horses who tend to get stiff and need long, slow warm ups.

Quarter sheets come in a wide variety of styles, fabrics, weights, colors and prices, so it’s important to choose one that will be suit your needs (and budget).

3 Main Styles

Weatherbeeta Anti Static Fleece Quarter Sheet >> Find it HERE

Lies Under the Saddle Pad

This style makes it easy to adjust front-to-back, which is helpful if you ride multiple horses. If you find the sides hang too low, and interfere with your leg aids, you can fold it under the girth.

For your horses’ comfort, always check for wrinkles and bunches under the saddle.

B Vertigo Kensington Thermo Tex Exercise Blanket >> Find it HERE

Attaches to Your Billets or Girth

Lying just outside your saddle pad, these are often contoured for a precise fit.

As an added bonus, many brands have quick release buckles that make it easy to remove during your ride. My personal favorite!

Intrepid International Quarter Sheet >> Find it HERE

Attaches to the Pommel

These sheets are often all one piece or fastened with Velcro, but can be difficult to remove while riding.

If it hangs too low, the sides can be tucked under the billets.

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Quarter Sheet Fabrics

Fleece – Strong, warm, and quick drying it’s the top choice for a quarter sheet, and generally preferred over wool.

Waterproof РIn cool, rainy climates this is a must! Usually made of polyester or nylon, they should also be lightweight and breathable to avoid overheating your horse.

Reflective – Lightweight reflective mesh can be used when out hacking on roads or during hunting season for better visibility.

Fly Protection – Keep mosquitoes, horseflies and other bugs off your sensitive horse with a mesh fly sheet.

Centaur Turbo-Dry Lunging Sheet >> Find it HERE

Not Riding? – Try a Lunging Sheet that stays securely in place while lunging or hand walking.

Safety Tips

– Be sure you have a proper fit. A too-long or too-big sheet can cause a spook.

– If your sheet has a tail cord to hold it in place, always have a ground person help you remove it while you’re mounted.

-Test your horses’s reaction to the sheet before mounting, especially if they are green or don’t regularly wear a blanket.

-When out hacking, avoid low branches, brush or gates that could get caught in the fabric.

Happy Riding,

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