Ultimate Guide to Homemade Horse Treat Recipes

homemade horse treat recipes
Making homemade horse treats is an activity that both me and my kids enjoy. Not only is it fun to try new recipes, it's also a great chance to experiment with our own ingredient combinations. My horses are far from picky, so whether it's a win or a fail they always seem pleased, and luckily don't mind eating slightly crispy (burnt) or soft (gooey) horse treats. After going through dozens of recipes we've come up with a list of ingredients that you can practically combine in any amount to create something your horse will find eatable. If you're feeling adventurous and have knack for baking, give it a try!

Super Simple Trick Training Treats
Recommended Homemade Horse Treat Ingredients:
Rolled Oats
Whole Oats
Whole Wheat Flour
Apple Sauce
Brown Sugar
Peanut Butter
Crushed Peppermints (or Candy Canes)
Easy Homemade Carrot Horse Treats
Oil (I always use Coconut Oil for the great health benefits. Read more about coconut oil for horses)

Ideally the mix should be wet enough to form into balls, but not soupy. Bake at around 350 until they're slightly browned.

Just to be safe, here are some ingredients I would NOT use as they could be toxic in large amounts:
Maple Syrup

If you'd prefer a tried-and-true recipe here is a list of my favorite Top 10 Homemade Horse Treat Recipes:
Princess Pixie's

Super Simple Trick Training Treats

Easy Homemade Carrot Horse Treats

Princess Pixie's Sparkly Flax Snaps

Valentine Heart Horse Treats

Healthy Homemade Horse Treats

The Ultimate Horse Cookie

Horse Cookie Apple Treats
Christmas Cannolis

Easy Jet No Bake Cookies

Fall Pumpkin Cinnamon Horse Cookies

Homemade Horse Treats: Christmas Cannolis

Bonus Recipes!

Kits "Popgrain" Balls for Horses

Horse Birthday Cake Recipe
Horse Birthday Cake Recipe

Hanging Horse Treats

Have you ever tried a homemade horse treat recipe?

Happy Baking!


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  1. hi !! total cool recipes !!! but is there a good recipe for a fill that has never had a treat like these in her life ????

    1. You could start with something simple like apple slices or carrots, or just a handful of oats!

  2. These treats look great! Any horse would be lucky to have some especially after training!

  3. what are some good treats for an old mare?

  4. Have you ever used cornmeal instead of wheat flour?

  5. I have never made my own horse treats before. Your recipes look very good. Have you ever tried using cornmeal instead of whole wheat flour?

  6. I'm grinding hay and adding it as an ingredient. My old mare has to eat a senior feed cause she quids hay. I'm in the experimental stage. There have been times when all she ate was apples and carrots so that is what she gets four times a day. I'm sneaking hay in any way I can. Winter was horrible and thank goodness it was mild. Now she is putting on weight and is much happier.


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