Horse Breed Abbreviations

Have you ever been confused by horse breed abbreviations? It seems a horse is never simply just a horse! Here’s a quick list of common (and some not so common) horse breeds and registries:

AA = Anglo Arabian
AHR = Arabian Horse Registry
AMHA = American Miniature Horse Registry
AMHR = American Morgan Horse Registry
APHA = American Paint Horse Association
APHC = Appaloosa Horse Club
Appy = Appaloosa
AQHA = American Quarter Horse Association
Arab = Arabian
ASB = American Saddlebred
ATA = Amercian Trakehner Association
AWB = American Warmblood
BWB = Belgium Warmblood
CB = Cleveland Bay
CSHA = Canadian Sport Horse Association
CTHS = Canadian Trakehner Horse Society
CWB = Canadian Warmblood
CWHBA = Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association
GerWb = German Warmblood
Han = Hanoverian
Holst = Holsteiner
ISH = Irish Sport Horse
JC = Jockey Club
Kwpn (Wpn) = Dutch Warmblood
Nfwp = Belgian Warmblood
Old = Oldenburg
OTTB = Off The Track Thoroughbred
RID = Registered Irish Draught
QH = Quarter Horse
Rhein = Rheinlander
SB = Standardbred
Sf = Selle Francais
Sv = Swedish Warmblood
TB = Thoroughbred
Trak = Trakehner
TWH = Tennessee Walking Horse
WB = Warmblood
Westf = Westfalian

Am I missing anything? Leave a comment and I’ll update the list!


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  1. MFT - Missouri Fox Trotter ACD - American Cream Draft RMH - Rocky Mountain Horse KMH - Kentucky Mountain Horse

  2. Hi from Ireland, from 2015 some ISH (Irish Sport Horses) have also (ITH) included after their name i.e. eventer Kilronan (ISH) (TIH) it stands for Traditional Irish Horse. They have a Facebook page.

  3. ive seen AES and ZANG i cant find the breed of horse for theses abbreviations.

    1. I found this while trying to find out what ZANG stood for as well. It is ZANGERSHEIDE.

  4. I am also wondering about AES and ZANG. I have also seen HESS and I'm dying to k ow what it means!


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