DIY Grooming Wipes Recipe

When it comes to showing I'm all about convenience. I'd like to say that I stay calm, cool and collected (no pun intended), but in reality I'm usually a mess! By the time I make it to the ring my horse is dusty/muddy with green stains, not to mention the dirt on my boots and tack. Hardly the pretty picture I'd like to present to the judges. A personal groom would be nice, but for now having my husband assistant carry a full grooming kit is not an option. In a pinch, store bought wipes can work but these are a great, natural alternative.

If you've tried my other DIY recipes, you'll already have these ingredients on hand (see Fly Spray and Coat Conditioner). For more info on Witch Hazel check out my post Top 5 Uses for Witch Hazel.

Homemade Grooming Wipes Recipe

3/4 cup Distilled water
1/4 cup Witch Hazel
1 tsp. Fractionated Coconut Oil
Essential Oils (optional, but a nice touch. I like Lavender's natural calming effect and Peppermint is invigorating for early morning classes)

Directions: Combine ingredients and  mix. Fill a separate small container or ziplock bag with several cloths, rags or extra-strong paper towels and pour in liquid. You want to add enough that the cloths are moist, but not dripping wet. Mix well and keep them stored in the bag/container. Use to remove dirt,dust, mud, sweat and tears! For more ideas see 10 Uses for Baby Wipes at the Barn.

What's your show ring grooming secret?


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  1. Thank you for this post! Will be making these wipes tonight. Might be great for including in my kids' lunch boxes, to wipe off faces/hands after eating!
    I had trouble finding fractionated coconut oil (available online, through cosmetic supply stores, though) however I did find a bottle that wasn't labeled fractionated per se, but must be as the coconut oil (cooking grade) is a liquid at room temp (and remains a liquid, according to the instructions on the bottle, even when refrigerated).

    1. Great question! I've seen that liquid coconut oil at the grocery store, but haven't tried it so I'm not sure what the result will be. I assume it would be similar to fractionated coconut oil. If you try it please let me know how it turns out :)

  2. I mix some fly Spray and Show Sheen so and mix some together in a small spray bottle and stir it around squirt on horse and fun a rag over the new spray on he coat this way they have fly protection and a shiny coat and you won't use up all your Sprays because you will need less of both

  3. Do they Go moldy being sealed up?

  4. Omg I'm in love with this site! I will definitely be making these and a lot more of your homemade recipes.


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