10 Uses for Baby Wipes at the Barn

Considering the low cost and easy storage, baby wipes for horses are a must! I always keep a pack at the barn, in the car, and of course at home, and the uses are practically endless. My favorite brand are these Pampers Sensitive Wipes. I do prefer my DIY Homemade Grooming Wipes, but when I don't have the time, store bought is well worth the convenience.

Here are my Top 10 Uses for Baby Wipes at the Barn:

1. Bit Cleaner - Have a bit covered in dried, green goo from last week's trail ride? Give it a scrub with a baby wipe. Works much better than a dry cloth!

2. Tack Cleaner - Wipe away dust and dirt from tight spaces for a quick clean.

3. Freshen Up - If your trainer has implemented 'no stirrup week' and you're drenched in sweat, use a baby wipe to freshen up before venturing out in public.

4. Mane Tamer - Flatten a run away mane and get static under control.

5. Sock Cleaner - If your horse has white socks gone brown, a wipe can help clean them up.

6. Face Wipe - Anyone who has ridden in a dusty arena knows how impossibly dirty your face/nose/eyes can get. Baby wipes are also great for removing mascara that has gone astray.

7. Pet Paw Cleaner - My dogs seem to find every puddle at the barn. To help save my car upholstery I always keep them on hand.

8. Boot Shiner - Get a quick, polished look in a few seconds!

9. Coat Brightener - If your horse has a dull, dry coat a wipe can help lift dust and dandruff that a brush won't remove. Also try my recipe for Homemade Coat Conditioner with Coconut Oil.

10. Dock/Utter/Sheath Cleaner - I find keeping sponges clean and organized is nearly impossible, so these are an easy alternative with no risk of cross-contamination.

I'm sure there's many I've missed! What's your favorite use for baby wipes at the barn?


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  1. My favorite use is to use it to clean their nostrils! Some horse don't like it, but mine always seem to.

  2. It is wonderful products for cleaning purpose... thanks for sharing this blog

  3. These suggestions are great!
    Thank you for sharing <3

  4. I remove them from the package, let them dry out then submerge them in a tub of my fly spray, push out the excess and put in a ziplock bag, or back in the original package if possible. fly wipes for the face at a fraction of the cost.

  5. Wiping down dusty stall bars! They are easy to rinse off and re-use as well.

  6. I use wet ones (citrus scent work well) for ear cleaning. I squeeze out the excess moisture from the wipe first...helps with ticks too... they don't like it and crawl out of the ears.


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